Magdolna Karacsonyi, Finance Manager

Having Neera as my private yoga teacher has been fantastic! As someone new to private yoga lessons I wasn't sure what to expect. On our first class she listened carefully while I explained how I have been suffering from back and shoulder pains for years and how working in an office exaggerated the problem. She has shown me plenty of postures that I can practice of my own and specifically improved my problem areas. She has also challenged me with the use of asanas as I tended to avoid the ones that I felt I could not do. She has been very generous in sharing her knowledge that I could incorporate into my home practice. To see the improvements in my body and feel relaxed and loose instead of stiff throughout the day in the office has been amazing for me. I have to thank Neera for all that and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

Director, Professional Services Company

Neera is an empathic professional who works with students from the level they are at.  She achieves great results and is especially good with executives, both one on one and in small classes. Highly recommended!

Tony Stuart, CEO

I've found Executive Yoga fantastic at increasing mental energy throughout the day, as well as improving my posture and flexibility. I would recommend it to any executive.

Kristalla Stavrianos, Property Manager/Director

Neera’s profound knowledge and expertise of yoga and the philosophy of yoga will take you on a journey to explore yourself, improve on yourself, and understand the importance of the body and mind connection. With Neera’s excellent communication skills and experience, her private lessons are nourishing, and adaptive to your personal requirements and capabilities which will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of yoga and you! In a private lesson you will receive personal feedback on technique and alignment which allows you to have a greater understanding of the integrity of each pose. She has been a wonderful teacher who has helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually search for a more peaceful place to be in. I highly recommend Neera to someone who is looking for a nurturing, highly qualified and experienced professional to develop their understanding of yoga and of themselves. It is such a beautiful feeling after each lesson that you just want to go back for more.

Dr Kenneth Howison, Surgeon

I would like to express my gratitude to Neera Scott for teaching me yoga. I find her dedication and passion to the practice of yoga, meditation and breath control to be most beneficial for my daily life as a practising surgeon. Neera’s complete understanding of the various yoga poses has helped me enormously to maintain flexibility and mobility. I find the breath control that Neera explains so clearly to be useful in many other aspects of life. Neera’s very common sense approach to meditation offers me a unique chance to become more “centered”.