Yoga and Meditation Programs

Stress control for senior business professionals is being increasingly recognised as both a health issue, and a significant factor in corporate productivity.

Executive Yoga offers a comprehensive range of corporate yoga, meditation and wellbeing services which can be tailored to individual requirements:

Executive Yoga
A one hour private session for senior executives which can take place in an all-purpose office space. Practicing once, twice or three times per week is recommended to offset the effects of mental strain, long board meetings and insufficient exercise. Courses are in blocks of ten sessions, booked and paid for in advance.

Group Yoga Classes
Look after your staff’s wellbeing with weekly or twice weekly group classes at lunch time or after work. Regular in-house yoga regimes are known to positively effect staff morale, productivity, general health and reduce absenteeism. All levels catered for.

Class Styles
Hatha Yoga: Yoga basics, suitable for all levels but especially recommended for beginners. Increase strength, flexibility, body awareness and find mental calm.

Ashtanga Yoga: Dynamic yoga with a strong focus on core muscles. Postures are linked with the breath (vinyasa). Creates strength, flexibility and vitality.

Restorative Yoga and Meditation: Perfect to offset the demands of technology, these one hour sessions are deeply revitalising and will leave staff refreshed. With so much evidence citing stress as the underlying cause of disease, regular restorative yoga and meditation is not only beneficial – it’s an investment.

Mindfulness Meditation and Breath Work
A de-stress and empowerment program providing simple, practical tools to harness mental clarity and awareness. Breath work (pranayama in Sanskrit – yogic breathing) oxygenates the brain and brings a calm, alert focus to the mind.

Recent studies into ‘Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’ (MBSR) techniques cite significant improvements in decision-making ability, sleep parameters and memory as well as reduced anxiety and depression.

Nutrition and Wellbeing Coaching
The demands of corporate life can take their toll on diet, and poor long term eating habits can lead to disease. A weekly coaching session for staff giving tips on nutrition and workplace wellbeing can raise awareness as well as offering a forum for discussion of health issues.

Yoga Therapy
Personalised one-on-one yoga sessions with an experienced yoga therapist. The classes have a therapeutic focus and are for specific health issues, postural or other conditions such as lower back pain, shoulder and neck issues. Practical advice on managing chronic conditions and take-home exercises are given.