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Executive Yoga: Improving Business Outcomes through Executive Health


Executive Yoga: Improving Business Outcomes through Executive Health

Executive Yoga has a proven record of using yoga and mindfulness meditation to assist high-level business executives deal with the stress and performance expectations of corporate life.

The introduction of yoga as an effective course to caretake the health of staff, and ultimately business outcomes, is being embraced widely by global organisations.

Through one-on-one instruction, Executive Yoga principal, Neera Scott has been able to bring these powerful benefits to a diverse range of business professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Combining both her extensive training and experience as a yoga instructor with her understanding of the demands facing executives, Neera is able to tailor highly effective programmes to individual requirements.

Read about Neera’s work with CEO’s in a recent feature in BRW magazine >

Neera’s work is also featured in the September 2012 issue of Company Director Magazine and by the Australian Institute of Management.

Private Yoga Sessions

For those new to yoga through to experienced practitioners, one on one yoga sessions are an opportunity to receive personalised, practical guidance and support. Students may come with a specific issue or just to get feedback on an existing practice. Common reasons people seek one one ones are: postural conditions, back problems, stress-related issues or for general health. Others find these dedicated sessions allow them the space to connect with themselves amidst a life of work pressures. Personal programs to support a home practice are given if desired, and evolve as the sessions progress. Sessions may incorporate asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation practices as appropriate. For more information or to book please call Neera on 0431189032.